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People getting off the boat at a ferry pier. The Gothenburg harbor and evening skyline in the background.

Change the world your way – in Sweden

Foto: Per Pixel Petersson

A great place to live

Moving to a new country can be a great experience, and Sweden and the city of Gothenburg offer great opportunities for a life that is both safe and exciting. There is a lot to explore off campus and we’ll help you discover what’s available.

Three youngsters skating and playing with a dog in a sunny and snowy park.

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A sightseeing boat on a canal in a summery Gothenburg.

Foto: Beatrice Tornros


Gothenburg is situated on the Swedish west coast and has a beautiful archipelago and lush, green forests right next door. It’s a contemporary and outgoing city, known for its friendly atmosphere and international vibe.

A room with a sofa cluttered with cardboard boxes.

Relocation support

Being new in town can be a challenge, but our relocation support aims to help you and your family to a smooth transition.

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